Zinah Naseri

Business Advisor

Sacramento Valley SBDC

About Me:

Zinah Naseri CEO of Golden Letters for Translation and Immigration Services and owner of Falafel Catering enjoys assisting individuals with company planning, optimization, and creating their own company from scratch. While company management and growth is her major responsibility by day, she has over 15 years of business expertise including a broad variety of competencies. She has spent the majority of her career in the corporate and small business sectors, obtaining expertise in areas such as company starts, management, development, compliance, business credit, workshop facilitation, business consulting, and technical support. Helping customers with their business problems, finding answers or alternatives, and seeing client success is what she appreciates most about her profession. In addition to owning a translation service and catering business, Zinah is a mindfulness coach and that expands her perfect communication and mutual understanding with others.

Expertise: Client Intake Client Relationships Food Business International Trade

I also speak: Arabic